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the bonki webring!

so yeah, i have decided to make my own webring! webrings were really cool for me so yeah, i made one myself! (with the help of onionring.js!)

if you are intrested, this is how it looks!

how to join?

1. put the widget on your website

2. post the link to your website and your name/nickname to the chatbox below!

3. that's it!

if you want to add the widget, simply add this code:

<div id="bonki-ring">
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://bonkiscoolsite.neocities.org/bonkiring/bonkiring-widget.js"</script>

the webring div is not centered by default. if you want to center it, add this to your websites css!

.bonkiringdiv { margin: auto; }

people who joined:

name website
bonki https://bonkiscoolsite.neocities.org
dindu https://dindufilms.neocities.org
foreverliketh https://foreverliketh.is/
keksware https://keksware.neocities.org/
ttt6457 https://ttt6457.neocities.org/
fin600 https://fin600.neocities.org/
Rigor Mortis https://rigor-mortis.neocities.org/
The Cozy Cat https://thecozy.cat/
Biyori https://byori.neocities.org/
Constantine https://shenaniganery.neocities.org/
dindu was sad there was a lack of shasta lemon lime, so uhhh here you go i guess. keksware keksware 2