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welcome to the credits!

this is where i will list all of the stuff used for this website!

88x31 buttons - https://cyber.dabamos.de/88x31/

guestbook - https://www.123guestbook.com/

almost every gif on the website - https://gifcities.org/

softbody cubes - https://github.com/GregTJ/softbody-dynamics

softbody ball - https://smacke.net/pressure-softbody/

p5 - https://p5js.org/

jquery - https://jqueryui.com/

cookie clicker - https://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/

couch 2048 - https://js13kgames.com/games/couch-2048/index.html

2048 - https://play2048.co/

classic minecraft - https://classic.minecraft.net/

google snake - https://www.google.com/fbx?fbx=snake_arcade

the cat in the cat corner that follows ur mouse pointer - https://github.com/adryd325/oneko.js

floppa, beluga and maxwell the cat - https://google.com

snap - https://snap.berkeley.edu/

88x31 button maker - https://github.com/hekate2/buttonmaker

webamp - https://github.com/captbaritone/webamp

cut the rope - https://zeptolab.com

slope - https://www.y8.com/games/slope

silk icon pack - https://github.com/legacy-icons/famfamfam-silk

clippy.js - https://github.com/pi0/clippyjs

and you for visiting my website!