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Mika@ 8:58pm 04-13-2024
Hey I think your site sprung a leak
Ditch@ 9:44pm 04-02-2024
Pretty rad site my dude
oerrorpage@ 1:57pm 04-01-2024
"the stie"
Angel@ 11:31pm 03-08-2024
Cool site!
nika !!@ 5:39am 02-22-2024
ur so cool)
dook@ 12:14pm 02-12-2024
new better signature
VANCANTORUS@ 4:02pm 12-08-2023
Awesome site DDDD
Remi@ 5:29pm 11-26-2023
bonki@ 6:02am 11-08-2023
oh yeah i was moving js files at that time and the html wasnt updated
dindu@ 12:30pm 10-22-2023
nah bro the button didnt work
bonki@ 3:27am 10-21-2023
it was always here dnidiz
dindu@ 6:40pm 10-09-2023
oh the guestbook is back
foreverliketh.is@ 10:53pm 09-13-2023
Hi bonki! Hope all is well. I came here looking to trade buttons, but then I saw you had a webring and I was like "O-M-G. I L-O-V-E webrings!" So I'm totally joining yours (fingers crossed). Anways I'm trying to build my button wall so here's my link if you'd be willing to exchange:
Peace, homie!
Michael G. Hachsaw@ 10:52am 09-03-2023
keep up the amazing stuff!
jay@ 6:34am 08-27-2023
da emojis !!!!11!!!1!!1!1!

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